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Located in Coney Island, Peggy O'Neill's is the number one place to grab a burger and hear great music in the Coney island area.

Peggy O'Neill's opened in 2001 and is located adjacent to MCU park home of the Brooklyn Cyclones. We have a dedicated staff to ensure you have a memorable time weather you're grabbing a beer and burger before the game or coming to see one of our many bands or Dj's.

The name Peggy O'Neill dates back to the Titanic in 1912. Margaret Devaney, often called Peggy for short, was born in Sligo County, Ireland. She found herself aboard the Titanic with only a bag full of her clothes and a 7inch knife that her brother John gave her the morning of her departure. Peggy and her two friends were peeling apples for the ship only hours before the announcement was made to evacuate the ship. Peggy finally got aboard a life boat only when she could see there were no children or women left on the ship. While being lowered down to the water the oars got stuck because of firm new ropes and would likely cause the life boat to flip. Peggy quickly grabbed her knife and started to cut the new ropes and heroically saving the life boat dubbed "Ismay's Boat".



(718) 449–3200




1904 surf ave, Brooklyn, New York      11224


M–Th 11am–1am
F–Sa 11am–3am
Su 11am–1am



Are you a band (or musician) looking to play at Peggy O’Neill’s?

Please email us at peggyoneillsci1@gmail.com with the following information.


1)      Please send us your info in this order.

a)      Band Name

b)      # of pieces

c)       Type of Music

d)      Contact Name

e)      Contact Phone

f)       Contact email

g)      Website URL

h)      Facebook Link

i)        Twitter

j)        $ Price


2)      Hours: We book bands during the week as well as weekends.

a)      Weekdays 5pm to 8pm

b)      Friday PM 9pm to 1am

c)       Saturday Afternoon

d)      Saturday Evening 9pm to 1am

e)      Sunday Afternoons


3)      Policy

a)      Food  - Band Members get 50% off food items on the menu (for band only and not your friends and/or lovers)

b)      Drinks  - we will run a band bar tab (for band only and not your friends and/or lovers)

c)       Crowd – If you can’t draw in people, well then we can’t book you

d)      Loudness – Louder is not better

e)      Parking – Parking is difficult in Coney Island – we recommend car-pooling and using the stadium parking lot (fees do vary)


Please note, we receive a lot of booking requests.  If we don’t respond we are not being rude, just overwhelmed.   Please be as clear as possible in your correspondence, that makes it easier for us for to book you.